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Oregon CHL Training Oregon CHL Training

As NRA Certified Pistol Instructors, we offer the complete NRA Basic Pistol course that meets the requirements for obtaining an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. While there are other, 'easier' ways to meet this requirement, we feel this curriculum provides the most thorough and recognized in the industry. Our class sizes are kept small, with an in-depth approach to the material. The classroom portion can be done in the privacy of your own home with your own family or group. We realize that many people have been hesitant to obtain this training and offer this as a means of accommodation.

Our classes include live-fire exercises. We can conduct these on your own suitable property, at a number of local ranges or many prefer the adventure and tranquility that can be found in our own local forest lands. We have all of the portable range and safety equipment to conduct these live-fire exercises anywhere you prefer.

    Rates for 'NRA Basic Pistol' classes are $100 per person (up to 6).

Competition Pistol Training Competition Pistol Training

As a Master Class IDPA Competition shooter, Safety Officer and Match Director, our Competition Pistol instructor has won countless matches throughout Oregon with the skills and techniques presented in our Competition Pistol Training. As competitive pistol shooters, we know what is needed to excel within the rules specific to your sport. With hours upon hours spent learning from the best, we've been able to hone our own skill set and recognize in others where improvement can be made. We've had numerous stage wins against high-profile shooters ranging from contestants of 'Top Shot' to 3-Gun Nation's Pro Series. We've taken classes from and studied the works of the most recognized pistol shooters in the world. We also realize that different people have unique 'blind spots' within their skill set where huge dividends in time and accuracy can be found. Whether you are a new shooter looking to acquire the basics or a Sharpshooter struggling to find the next level, we can help.

    Contact us for 'Competition Pistol Training' rates.

Defensive Pistol Training Defensive Pistol Training

If you've already obtained your Oregon CHL, we can tailor our pistol course to bring your Defensive Pistol skill set to a higher standard. While we whole-heartedly endorse competition as a simple means of getting trigger time under stress, we fully realize there are some defensive skill sets that don't fit the rule set of a shooting competition. Our instructors and coaches are not only well versed in the world of competition, but have the background and training to improve your Defensive Pistol skill set. Having studied with renowned experts in situational defensive pistol, we can tailor a course to your needs and the needs of your family in the environment in which you live. We offer training in low-light pistol in addition to combative pistol techniques. We aren't here to turn you into your own SWAT team or waste your time with war stories that have no practical application for the private citizen looking to defend themselves. You can't learn in a classroom how you will react when the worse case scenario comes your way. You can, however, become one with your gun and find the confidence to react to the best of your training. We can help you get there.

    Contact us for 'Defensive Pistol Training' rates.

Glock & Aftermarket Sight Installation Services Sight/Laser Installation

Put down that punch and hammer, slowly back away from the gun and call us. Tritium night and/or competition sight sets are too expensive to destroy with a hammer. We have the proper specialty tools and experience to install and zero a vast variety of sights on all Glock models, including the newer Glock 42 & 43. We can also offer guidance on the proper sight set-up for your intended use. If you already bought the sights, that's fine. We can typically help you get them changed in a matter of minutes with the proper tools. We can even verify your zero and adjust during the live-fire portion of your class. We are also well versed in laser sighting systems and have used them to successfully compete in several night pistol and 3-Gun competitions, including the nationally recognized Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational.

    Sight Installation rates vary and can be determined during your class.

Glock Competition Parts & Armorer Services The Extras

A number of specialty parts exist for the competition world that can have a defensive purpose as well. We provide Extended Mag Releases, Extended Slide Stops, Grip Plugs and other parts for our training customers all the time. Many students discover a part or two that work better than what they already have during our classes. As is typically the case, taking the gun apart and function testing it afterward is half of the time involved. If the slide or frame is already apart for a cleaning, these additional parts can typically be installed at the same time. Bring your wish list and we can help you get it right the first time.

    Rates for the extras vary and can be determined during your class.