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Multi-Gun AR-15 Competition Rifle Training

As a successful 3-Gun shooter and Match Director, our Competition Rifle instructor has won countless matches throughout Oregon with the skills and techniques presented in our Competition Rifle Training. As competitive shooters, we know what is needed to excel within the rules specific to your sport. With extensive long-range experience and a lot of trigger time up close, we can tailor a program to dial your rifle skills in from 1 to 1000 yards. We've competed successfully against high-profile shooters ranging from contestants of 'Top Shot' to 3-Gun Nation's Pro Series. Whether you are a new hunter looking to acquire the basics or an advanced shooter struggling to get 1000+ yard hits, we can help.

Optic and Ballistic Mapping Services Optic & Ballistic Mapping Services

We have the proper specialty tools and experience to install and zero a vast variety of sights, optics and related gear on both bolt-action and AR-15/AR-10 platform rifles. We can also offer guidance on the proper sight set-up for your intended use. An optic isn't very useful if it isn't set-up right. Ring lapping and proper torque settings are among the details that are important to get right. Sadly, many optics in use at even the pro competition level aren't properly configured, verified or utilized. Our optic services and classes include chronographing, ballistic chart production and specialized zeros for specific competitive or hunting environments.

AR-15 Competition Accessory & Armorer Services The Extras

A number of specialty parts exist for the competition world that can have a defensive purpose as well. Extended Mag Releases, Ambidextrous Safeties, Bolt Catches, Charging Handle Latches, Grips, Forends, Gas Blocks and other parts are available. We even have a few of our own part tricks up our sleeve to make your rifle ready for competition. If your rifle is already apart for a cleaning, we can typically help you with these additional parts at the same time as part of your class.