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Competition Shotgun Training Competition Shotgun Training

Pump & Autoloading shotguns are the cornerstone of MultiGun Competition. They are also the quickest way to sink your match, often as a result of tuning and maintenance issues. Neglected gas systems, rough use, hundreds of rounds and various levels of 'user intervention' can make your shotgun less than reliable. Our classes include proper fitting and set-up of your gun to meet the needs of 3-Gun and other competitive shooting. We've got all of the specialty tools, parts and knowledge to help you get your shotgun running right. We can show you how to tear it down and perform all of the required maintenance during your class.

Competition Shotgun Enhancement Services Competition Enhancements

A competition shotgun will typically feature extended mag tubes, opened loading ports and larger charging controls. As competitive shooters, we know what can be done within the rules specific to your sport. We also realize that different people have different ideas of what works for them. Loading a shotgun under the clock is a critical factor in competition. Properly configuring your shotgun for your particular loading technique can be the difference between smooth, quick reloads and reloads that are literally painfully slow. We will help you find what works for you.

Shotgun Parts & Armorer Services The Extras

A number of specialty parts exist for the competition world. In fact, we've designed and brought to market a number of them being used by hundreds of competitive shooters through the OR3GUN division. Innovations like the Marine Spacer Tube, Enhanced Competition Follower, Quad-Ready Forearm Retainer, Enhanced Bolt Release and other parts are available for a number of popular models. While many of the installations for these parts are seemingly simple, if performed improperly you will be left with an expensive single-shot at your next match. Gas systems in some models are particularly vulnerable to inclement weather. In addition to offering proven components, we can assist you with the competition enhancements at the same time.