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OreGun Training's Background

Involved with recreational and competitive shooting since 1983, the founders of Oregun Training realized early on that every shot requires something different from a marksman and their weapon. In 2010, OreGun's training and armorer services began. As involvement in 3-Gun grew, a simple rotation of the 'E' in OREGUN spawned OR3GUN in 2011, which became the shooting team brand and eventually the product division for the parent company. OR3GUN can now be found at its own web site.

Today, our training team's experience in competitive shooting (IDPA, SDMG, 3GN, Precision Rifle) and our fascination with the science of ballistics has brought new perspective to the demands for precision and reliability. Rather than the typical one-size approach, our trainers are able to translate the nuances of a specific competitor into a prescription for the shooter and their equipment. We employ Glock Certified Armorers and are a trusted resource for the platform. Our trainers are NRA Certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers, willing and able to impart our expertise to other shooters. We get results by focusing on the details that many others often ignore.

Success is often found in the details. While many unique ideas and concepts have sat on the back burner, OreGun Training was created to change that. Revolutionary training concepts have officially been introduced to classic lead slinging.